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dimecres, 30 d’octubre del 2013

Software Freedom Day 2013 in la Palma de Cervelló

This year in the small town of la Palma de Cervelló (near Barcelona) we have done for the third consecutive Software Freedom Day. This year we have decided to share out the event in three spaces right in the center of the town: Municipal Library, Young meeting point and the Theater.

For this event we have built an informational webpage with all the details about the event. The news features have been:
  • Attractiveness and clear design
  • Responsive to devices
  • Contact forms
A lot of people could contact with us for ask something about SFD event or to know about FOSS and to collaborate in similar projects.
The webpage:


For this and past events (exactly for Sant George 2013) we have done an special DVD with some free contents: Ubuntu Live DVD builded for us with catalan translations, codecs, extra applications (Gimp, VLC, Open-Shot, etc), free software for Windows (LibreOffice, Firefox, Pidgin, etc), free movies and music, free maps and free books (a lot of its about FOSS, CC licenses, etc). The people could to take the DVD for free, in this event we have distributed therty.

  1. MOZILLA WEBMAKERS WORKSHOP: Two hours workshop in the young meeting point to learning about webpage code with Mozilla Webmakers tools like Thimble, X-Ray Goggles, Popcorn, etc. This workshop was for child between eleven fourteen years old, where they have learned who is the important to access to the code.

  2. INTRODUCTION UBUNTU CONFERENCE: To take the first contact with this OS, one of Catalan LoCo Team member has made a conference in the Municipal Library. This space since may of this year migrate its telecentre from Windows to Ubuntu.

  3. BLENDER GAME ENGINE WORKSHOP: Four hours workshop where the people could design a simple at the beginning (ball moving in a unstable platform) and finally they could built an arcade aircraft game. This workshop has done for the non-profit association BlenderCAT. People had have a «Happy blending» ;)

  4. FREE YOUR ANDROID! WORKSHOP: Workshop where people could understand Android liberty restrictions, and know free alternatives like Cyanogen Mod or Replicant, and could install F-Droid repository in their devices. The duration of this workshop was two hours, and has realized for an FSFE member.

  5. RASPBERRY PI DEMOS: During all the event, there was a stand with Raspberry Pi in action with media center, OS, etc where people could to ask something about this free hardware.

  6. DIGITAL ART DEMO: A digital creation expert have a done a master class about the use of Darktable (digital photo develop), a 3D mapping of the photo with Blender, and finally a movie with this photo.

  7. LINUX INSTALL PARTY during all the event.

  8. LEGISLATION AND FOSS: The free software chairmanship of department, of the UPC (Catalan Polytechnic University) have sent us a 50 folded sheets with legal information about FOSS (, that was distributed with the SFD material sponsored by the Digital Freedom Foundation.

  9. FRATERNITY DINNER: The event was closed with a very, very amazing dinner ;)

A local television have made an event report that you can see here:




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